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Who is Professor Weasley in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy players will come face to face with several familiar characters, but none more enthralling than Professor Matilda Weasley. Her serious exterior hides her dry sense of humor, making her hard not to underestimate!

She serves as Deputy Headmistress under Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black, providing assistance on your journey through Hogwarts. In addition, she’s the school’s Transfiguration professor.

Matilda Weasley

One of the most intriguing characters to meet and interact with in Hogwarts Legacy is Professor Matilda Weasley. As one of Phineas Nigellus Black’s deputies at Hogwarts, she serves as Deputy Headmistress while also instructing player characters Transfiguration in game. As part of the Weasley family she holds great interest for fans of Harry Potter series.

Matilda was an extremely gifted witch who attended Hogwarts during the 19th century, where she was quickly sorted into Gryffindor after quickly making an impressionful statement about herself in her entrance examinations. Following graduation, she started working for the Ministry of Magic as a Curse-Breaker where she quickly rose through its ranks before meeting Paul, another Curse-Breaker whom would become her lover; at some point later they both decided to leave their positions at the Ministry and travel together as freelance Curse-Breakers before eventually leaving together and traveling the globe as freelance Curse-Breakers.

Matilda became friends with Deek while attending Hogwarts. Deek introduced Matilda to the Room of Requirement – an underground facility used for various purposes – that she later used for teaching Transfiguration at Hogwarts. Later she returned as professor and has become one of their esteemed professors ever since; when visiting Matilda she will give the player character their Wizard’s Field Guide as well as introduce them to its many uses within its walls.

Professor Weasley can not only teach Transfiguration to player characters, but she’ll also support their efforts to unlock new magic spells and earn higher grades in class. Professor Weasley takes her duties as Deputy Headmistress very seriously – her personality and intelligence making her a wonderful role model for young wizards and witches.

Rosa Maria Baroli has been an esteemed actress since 1976 and plays many prominent roles, such as Lady Whistledown in Bridgertown and Diana in League of Legends. Her rich, deep voice makes an ideal fit for this esteemed character.

Transfiguration Professor

Matilda Weasley is one of the key figures in Hogwarts Legacy, serving both as Transfiguration professor and Deputy Headmistress of the school. An exceptionally gifted witch with experience breaking curses for the Ministry, Matilda is famed for her composure and exceptional wandwork – two traits which distinguish her as both firm yet fair teachers.

As the Deputy Headmistress, she has more on her plate than your average professor. Her duties include helping players settle into Hogwarts and catch up on classes; assigning homework; teaching spells (although her predecessor Minerva McGonagall may have taken a more hands-on approach); assigning homework; teaching spells as well as overseeing assignment.

Within the first weeks of playing the game, you should expect to encounter many teachers and wizards, some more memorable than others while others may appear just another face in class. Many interesting characters lurk outside classroom doors; it’s essential that we keep an eye out for these intriguing people!

Once you’ve answered her questions, she may ask if you would like to play another trivia game. Politely decline and she will return the book back onto its pedestal; using Revelio with some Accio to unlock subsequent questions will enable you to learn the more advanced Transfiguration spells.

Professor Weasley may not offer classes as engaging or exciting as other Hogwarts professors, but her class will still help develop your wand skills and introduce you to resources such as the Wizard’s Field Guide and Room of Requirement that can aid new fifth-years with much to learn.

Professor Weasley is part of Ron Weasley’s clan and it has been speculated that she may be his great-great-grandmother; however, this exact relationship cannot be determined due to Hogwarts Legacy taking place a century before the events in Harry Potter series and movies.

Matilda is not alone when it comes to teaching Transfiguration; other professors include Madam Hooch who specializes in flying lessons while Professor Onai and Kogawa specialize in divination.

Deputy Headmistress

Hogwarts Legacy features one of the most beloved families in wizarding history – The Weasleys! Professor Matilde Weasley will play an integral part as Deputy Headmistress under Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black, teaching players how to become powerful witches or wizards throughout. She can assist players during gameplay as she guides their journey.

Matilda Weasley began her magical career at the Ministry of Magic where she quickly rose through its ranks, before venturing out on her travels around the globe, sharing magical knowledge. Along the way she met Chiyo Kogawa who worked for their Ministry in Yokohama harbor; eventually joining Hogwarts faculty teaching Transfiguration classes.

Matilda stands out among the teachers at Hogwarts as she takes her role seriously as an administrator and mother figure to her students, in stark contrast with their Headmaster, Phineas. Matilda shows considerable respect for each and every one of them while Phineas remains cantankerous and arrogant toward his pupils.

She is known for her exceptional wandwork and composure. Amongst her students, she is revered and often found helping those struggling with issues in the Room of Requirement. Furthermore, she possesses extensive knowledge about wizardry’s history – something which she is known to discuss openly with them.

Matilda enjoys cultivating strong community ties and is always on the lookout for new students to welcome into her class. She was especially fond of Mudiwa Onai, an exceptional Seer who transferred from Uagadou during 1889-1890 school year – helping build confidence in herself and abilities while comforting Mudiwa as part of her experience at Hogwarts. Matilda became one of Harry Potter’s most beloved professors due to her motherly qualities and soothing presence – voiced by Lesley Nicol who voiced both characters from Downton Abbey as Miss Patmore and Miss Onai herself!


No matter your level of fandom with Harry Potter books and films or Hogwarts Legacy, there is much to explore in both. The game offers plenty of characters for you to meet and interact with – particularly the Weasley family; Rose Weasley herself serves as Deputy Headmistress under Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black while aiding the player along their story arc.

She hails from one of the quirkiest red-headed witch families in all of wizarding history and is distantly related to Ron Weasley. She exudes wisdom and humor and refuses to be bullied by anyone; she stands strong and determined against all attempts by others to bully or intimidate her; using her magical powers for good when necessary.

There are also countless teachers and students you’ll meet throughout the game who you can interact with, such as:

Flamboyant and self-confident wizard, his portrait hangs proudly at Hogwarts Library and Three Broomsticks Pub. A fifth-year Gryffindor student known for his antics who dreams of becoming a famous wizarding historian; Hogwarts Divination Professor with insight into ancient magic; Ministry of Magic employee concerned by goblin rebellions; house elf instructing new students about Room of Requirement – these descriptions do not do justice to his personality!

Professor Hecat, an expert teacher of Transfiguration who previously taught at the University of Uagadou. She is skilled in various magical techniques and is mother to Natsai “Natty” who attended Hogwarts.

She is descended from Salazar Slytherin, founder of Slytherin House. As a former Auror skilled in charms and potion-making, her aim is to represent Merpeople before Minister. She’s both clever and witty – always ready for games – making an excellent role model and great cook who shares plenty of wisdom that will teach students how to cope with challenging life situations.

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